Republican Hypocrisy Continues to Show No Bounds with Their 'Family Values'

Conservatives generally refer to these beloved values in vague terms, rarely ever specifying their characteristics or applications. According to, a website paid for by the Republican National Committee, family values is the idea that “the family is the bedrock of our nation. When American families … Source: Republican Hypocrisy Continues to Show […]


Rupert Murdoch claims Fox's sexual harassment problem was solved by firing Roger Ailes

Murdoch ignored the fact that the conservative news channel’s former prime-time host Bill O’Reilly was ousted after it was revealed he made $13 million in settlements for sexual harassment lawsuits, host Eric Bolling sent lewd text messages to female colleagues, and multiple women alleged being … Source: Rupert Murdoch claims Fox’s sexual harassment […]


Levin: The 'So-Called' Conservative Intellectual Movement Is on Life Support

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Thursday, host Mark Levin began his program’s opening monologue on a somber note, suggesting that the “so-called conservative intellectual movement” is “on life support.” “[T]he so-called conservative intellectual movement is very weak right now – very … Source: Levin: The ‘So-Called’ Conservative Intellectual Movement Is on […]