Putin's Payouts For Firstborn Babies Seen As Popular Pre-Election Move But No Cure For Looming …

In March 2012, the last time Russian President Vladimir Putin was gearing up for election, he called the demographic crisis a threat to his country’s … Source: Putin’s Payouts For Firstborn Babies Seen As Popular Pre-Election Move But No Cure For Looming …


Letters: What principles do conservatives have

Liberals (or progressives), like conservatives, are human. When liberals are in office, they too can be tempted to abuse power and to use public office for private gain. We need principled Republicans to work with them. But what principles do conservative Republicans have at present? What do they want … Source: Letters: What […]


Grammys attempt to make up for Trump's election by nominating mostly hip-hop acts

It’s hard to argue that this year’s nominations aren’t somehow inspired by identity politics in the wake of President Trump’s election in Nov. 2016. CNN political commentator Van Jones called Trump’s victory was a result of a “whitelash,” or a white backlash as a result of significant racial progress evident … Source: Grammys […]


James O'Keefe: 5 Facts About Man Behind Bungled WaPo Sting

WASHINGTON, DC — The Washington Post said Monday a woman who claimed she had been impregnated as a teen by Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, appears to have been a fake news source planted by conservative news provocateur James O’Keefe, who … Source: James O’Keefe: 5 […]


Google questioned by UK election watchdog over Russian meddling in Brexit

The U.K.’s election watchdog has asked Google for information related to Russia’s alleged meddling in Brexit. … Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, seen here at Harvard’s commencement in May, has had to defend his company’s response to Russian meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election. Source: Google questioned by UK election watchdog over […]


Needed: A coalition of feminists and conservative Christians

In 2006, conservative theologian Wayne Grudem released a 272-page jeremiad decrying feminism as a “slippery slope” to liberalism and “a system of thinking that denies the complete truthfulness of the Bible as the Word of God.” Despite its breathlessness, the book was embraced by many believers … Source: Needed: A coalition of feminists […]


The latest conservative scam got exposed. But it's just one piece of a much bigger fraud.

If you’re a Republican voter, I have some bad news for you. The people who lead the movement that supposedly represents your views — the politicians, the media figures, the activists — think you’re an idiot. In fact, they count on it. That’s the real meaning of an extraordinary story the Post has […]


Fondling Claims Spur Conservative Movement To Suspend Ex-Youth Group Staffer

Conservative Judaism’s national umbrella organization suspended a longtime former youth group leader from his ongoing work as a youth group tour guide after an allegation against him of an incident of sexual impropriety in the 1980s surfaced on Facebook. The umbrella organization, the United … Source: Fondling Claims Spur Conservative Movement To Suspend […]


Roy Moore Super PAC Financier Finally Revealed

The chief financier of a leading pro-Roy Moore super PAC is a deep-pocketed Republican businessman who dropped eight figures on 2016 races alone and is looking to continue propping up the party’s most conservative candidates. Illinois businessman Richard Uihlein provided $100,000 to the group, … Source: Roy Moore Super PAC Financier Finally Revealed