8 Mainstream Media Attacks on Conservative Christianity in 2017

Conservative Christians dodged a bullet when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in 2016, but the mainstream media kept up constant attacks against them. Sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, many media outlets presented a smug anti-Christian face, playing into prejudices that conservative … Source: 8 Mainstream Media Attacks on Conservative Christianity in 2017


The story of 2017, a year of political extremes, in 30 pieces

We’ve just sort of accepted that investigations into the candidate who lost the 2016 election will continue into 2018. I can’t recall a time when people paid more attention, around the clock, to politics. Here’s a selection of pieces from publications other than The Washington Post, gathered to tell that story. Source: […]


Angry at Trump, North Carolina Democrats hope for 2018 gains

The 2016 election, including Trump’s victory, “was pretty much a wake-up call and I just could not rely on other people to represent what I think is important,” said Terri LeGrand, a first-time state House candidate from Winston-Salem. “The current leadership in Raleigh has had the wrong priorities on … Source: Angry at […]


POLLAK: No, Bret Stephens — 'Character' Is Exactly Why Conservatives Chose Trump

Bret Stephens of the New York Times declared in his column Friday that he is still a “NeverTrumper”: “I still wish Hillary Clinton were president,” he wrote. His reason: “character does count,” and he alleges that President Donald Trump lacks it — regardless of the numerous policy successes of his first … Source: […]


Sheriff's Dept: 'Multiple deputies down' near Denver, active shooter situation

The sheriff’s office also told local TV news station KKTV that the situation is “not looking good for us.” “Due to this incident, the following agencies are on accident alert,” the sheriff’s office tweeted. “Douglas County, Parker Police Department, Lone Tree Police Department, Castle Rock Police Department … Source: Sheriff’s Dept: ‘Multiple deputies […]


4-way gubernatorial primary tests GOP's endorsement mettle

Wagner was endorsed by Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former strategist who, as chairman of the right-wing Breitbart News, backed Roy Moore’s failed … Before that, he donated heavily to conservative candidates and causes, even if it meant challenging sitting Republican public officials. Source: 4-way gubernatorial primary tests GOP’s endorsement mettle


It was the Year of The Donald for conservatives | Mulshine

It may seem like ancient history now, but last year began with Texas Senator Ted Cruz leading the conservative charge for the 2016 nomination. Ranking high in the national “stop-Trump” movement was Steve Lonegan, the arch-conservative former mayor of Bogota who is planning a run for Congress … Source: It was the Year […]


The tax bill is not the problem

Had any one of the leading Republican candidates won the 2016 election, including Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Christie, Fiorina (with the exceptions of Kasich, Graham, and Bush), the legislative and regulatory landscape would look the same. Thus no one, whether in support or opposition to these policies, … Source: The tax bill is not […]


My Nostalgia (talking to conservatives about what's happened to America)

There’s much about how the world has changed in my lifetime for which I’m deeply grateful. Many of the great technological advances, for example, have fed the very domains in which my hunger is greatest. For someone driven, as I’ve always been, by curiosity – the quest for knowledge and … Source: My […]


Republican Attacks on Mueller and FBI Open New Rift in GOP

A small but vocal group of conservative lawmakers, much of the conservative media and, at times, the president himself have launched a series of attacks … The news — and the Justice Department’s release days later of many of the text messages — provided Republicans ammunition of a sort they had … Source: […]