As Trump Golfs For Fifth Straight Day, Let's Revisit Conservative Criticisms of Obama's Golfing

On Christmas Day, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet stating that he hoped everyone had a “great Christmas” and that the following day it was “back to work in order to Make America Great Again.” Back to work, however, appears to be spending the rest of the week at the golf course. […]


NYT conservative columnist: I'm still 'never Trump' after first year

Stephens joined The New York Times in April 2017, leaving The Wall Street Journal to join the more liberal ranks of the Times, and at the time was a vocal member of the #NeverTrump movement of conservatives that had sought to stop Trump from winning the GOP nomination the year before. In early … […]


Bannon Mocks 'Pathetic' National Review: They Were 'Begging Me to Help' Them 'Find Money'

Describing the National Review as “pathetic,” Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon recalled how the ostensibly conservative news media outlet’s former publisher Jack Fowler begged him for fundraising help several years ago: The National Review publisher, this is how pathetic they … Source: Bannon Mocks ‘Pathetic’ National Review: They Were ‘Begging Me […]


Financial Times: The Solution to the Excesses of 'Radical Centrism'? More Radical Centrism!

I remain unequivocally on the progressive side of politics, but I am fiscally more conservative, and on markets, liberal… governments have to liberate themselves from ideology based on left/right… You find those who call themselves progressives and conservatives on both sides of the debates about … Source: Financial Times: The Solution to the […]


Congress failed us!

Here is another example of lack of oversight. This morning, Veteran’s Affairs Inspector General Michael Missal was interviewed on Fox News by your former colleague former Representative Jason Chaffetz. Mr. Missal made some astonishing statements: “We don’t report to anybody. We don’t report to the … Source: Congress failed us!


Let's Have a Talk About 'Norms' and 'Institutions'

Gone are the progressives who set about systematically altering American politics and culture for the sake of social justice, replaced by Burkean conservatives. Indeed, if you had to pick a word of the year for 2017, it would be “norms” or “institutions.” To hear these folks tell it, Trump isn’t merely lying; he’s … […]


Breitbart's Astonishing Confession

… they would’ve treated an admission by the most highly trafficked conservative web site that their coverage is dishonest as a major piece of scandalous news. The same goes for websites like The Daily Caller and The Federalist, which ought to inform their readers about corrupt right-wing elites—as best … Source: Breitbart’s Astonishing […]


States May Have to Wait Nine Months for Federal Help Securing Election Systems

DHS also actively shares information about potential cyber threats with the states that ask for it. DHS officials told a Senate panel this summer that Russian hackers had attempted to hack or scan election systems in as many as 21 states shortly before the 2016 election—among the targets were key … Source: States […]


Justice Dept. Officials Gave Clinton More Than $381000 in 2016 Campaign Contributions

… compiled by Contributions to President Donald Trump were paltry by comparison, coming from only 24 individuals listing DOJ as their employer and making 54 donations collectively worth $12,535. All of the data covered the election cycle from Jan. 1, 2015, through the 2016 election … Source: Justice Dept. Officials Gave Clinton […]