Democrats consider plan to limit superdelegates ahead of 2020 election

ATLANTA — Democrats are considering a plan that would limit — but not abandon — the influence of “superdelegates” in the next presidential primary, after a bruising 2016 primary prompted allegations by Bernie Sanders’ supporters that the system was rigged. The changes, outlined in a draft proposal … Source: Democrats consider plan to […]


Conservative group seeks removal of judge from case targeting Mueller, citing political bias

Conservative group FreedomWorks is arguing for the dismissal of the judge presiding over its lawsuit seeking the removal of Robert Mueller from the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the election, citing her political bias toward Democrats. The group, helmed by conservative … Source: Conservative group seeks removal of judge from case […]


Voters across America are paying attention to Alabama's Senate special election. But why?

“If he loses in a crimson red state, that’s clearly a blow for social conservatives. The business people who bankroll these campaigns are going to start to say, ‘Look, we’ve got to have a more moderate conservative, because the fire-breathing conservatives are losing now even in Alabama,’” Brown said. Source: Voters across […]


'Jerusalem is our right': Palestinians enraged by Trump decision

Disillusioned and disappointed Palestinians took to the streets in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem on Thursday following US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Some were angry, others resigned, saying a peace process appeared all but impossible. Source: ‘Jerusalem is our right’: Palestinians enraged by […]