Mnuchin says Russian sanctions are coming

Some Democrats in Congress are upset that the report was not immediately accompanied by fresh U.S. sanctions to punish Russia for its alleged meddling in the 2016 election. Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, accused Mnuchin of “slow-walking” the report. “We will take the basis of that report … Source: Mnuchin says Russian […]


Conservatives may demand infrastructure money in next spending bill

House conservatives may demand infrastructure spending in a new short-term spending bill Congress will have to pass next week to avert a partial government shutdown. House and Senate lawmakers must clear the fifth stop-gap measure in fiscal year 2018 to keep the government funded after Feb. Source: Conservatives may demand infrastructure money […]


Mitch McConnell says 2017 was 'the best year' for conservatives

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that 2017 was “the best year” for conservatives in his decades long career in Washington. “The best year on all fronts, and a lot of people were shocked because we didn’t know what we were getting with Donald Trump,” the Kentucky Republican … Source: Mitch McConnell […]


Flash of Freedom: Do Young People Think Conservatives Hate the Earth?

Andy Singer is a New Media Specialist at The Heartland Institute.His responsibilities include producing videos, mastering podcasts, monitoring social media, contributing to Heartland’s blogs and communicating with Heartland’s analysts. Andy is finishing a Bachelor of Science in Business degree at … Source: Flash of Freedom: Do Young People Think Conservatives Hate the Earth?


DeSantis plays the role of DC champ, Tallahassee outsider in gov campaign launch

“But I’ll look at it.” DeSantis, 39, announced he was running for governor Jan. 5 on Fox News after Trump endorsed him in a tweet. The Harvard-educated attorney has recently bolstered his already conservative credentials and name recognition by attacking special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation … Source: DeSantis plays the role of DC […]


Kolb pitches his candidacy to New York Conservatives

But if DeFrancisco were to get the GOP endorsement, Kolb’s Conservative run could split and further increase what many believe are long odds the GOP/Conservative candidates could beat Cuomo in the November elections. New York Democrats outnumber Republicans by a nearly three-to-one ratio, … Source: Kolb pitches his candidacy to New York Conservatives


An Insider's Look at the Conservative Movement Since 1960

It was in New York, not California, where Steinberg faced his biggest professional challenge, helping to engineer a stunning upset: the election of James L. Buckley, the Conservative Party candidate, as New York’s senator in 1970. New York was, and is, an epicenter of America’s racial, ethnic, and … Source: An Insider’s Look […]


May told to clarify Brexit stance or face no-confidence vote

Downing Street sources have confirmed that rather than setting out a fresh vision of Brexit in the spring, as some colleagues had hoped, May will make a more limited speech focusing on security cooperation at a conference in Munich next month. With pro-Brexit MPs in open revolt, senior Conservatives … Source: May told […]