The first scientific fake news study is here to confirm your worst fears about America

A group of academic researchers have published what they are calling the first scientific, data-based study of Americans’ exposure to fake news in the month surrounding the 2016 U.S. election. Combining survey responses and browsing histories of a representative sample of 2,525 Americans, the … Source: The first scientific fake news study is […]


2016's 'Fake News' had wide reach, little political impact, study suggests

A study found one in four Americans saw at least one false story before the 2016 election, but even the most eager fake-news readers — deeply conservative supporters of President Donald Trump — consumed far more of the real kind, from newspaper and network websites and other digital sources. Source: 2016’s ‘Fake […]


US conservatives cheer on Iran's 'brave' protesters

America’s conservatives have eagerly cheered the wave of anti-regime protests sweeping Iran, seizing on the movement as a stark repudiation of the outreach towards Tehran pursued under Barack Obama’s presidency. Emboldened by the words of President Donald Trump, who warned Tehran that … Source: US conservatives cheer on Iran’s ‘brave’ protesters


New NYT scoop on Russia raises questions about old NYT story on Russia

It was a week before the 2016 presidential election that the New York Times wrote this headline: “Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia.” The story’s lead cited the curiosity of federal law enforcement on this front: “For much of the summer, the F.B.I. pursued a widening … Source: New […]


GOP's best bet to dethrone Cuomo says he's not running

GOP and Conservative officials were all but begging Wilson to run. He pledged to plow $10 million on his personal fortune into the race. “It’s a whole new game now. It’s wide open,” Long said, referring to the Republican field to challenge Cuomo. Upstate Assemblyman Brian Kolb is the only GOP … Source: […]


Why One Conservative Hunter Is Fighting To Keep Public Lands In Federal Control

In recent years, there has been a push by some in the Republican Party to transfer public lands out of federal control. That has generated tremendous pushback from a group that is usually reliably conservative: hunters. Stephanie Joyce (@stephaniemjoyce) from the KUOW podcast “Terrestrial” hears … Source: Why One Conservative Hunter Is Fighting […]


Republican Jan Morgan announces run for Arkansas governor

Hutchinson, first elected in 2014, previously announced plans to seek re-election in 2018. Morgan has criticized Hutchinson as someone who “campaigns like a conservative Republican but governs like a liberal Democrat.” If elected, Morgan would become Arkansas’ first female governor. Morgan said … Source: Republican Jan Morgan announces run for Arkansas governor


The College Endowment Tax is More Dangerous Than You Think

Colleges, especially elite institutions, tend to lean left – and there’s been no shortage of conservative pundits spewing absolute claptrap about how such institutions are brainwashing … But the attack on college has escalated to something more than standard talking points on conservative morning news. Source: The College Endowment Tax is More […]


Merkel's Allies, Further Defying SPD, Seek Corporate Tax Cuts

FILE PHOTO: Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel address a news conference at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party headquarters in Berlin, … BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s Bavarian conservatives are pressing for corporate tax cuts and abolition of a tax imposed after reunification to help … Source: Merkel’s Allies, Further Defying SPD, Seek Corporate […]


How Trump abandoned populism

Conservatives inclined to cheer major tax-cut legislation even if it’s signed by a president they don’t particularly care for are frustrated by its unpopularity. They blame the media and Democrats for torquing up class warfare. In effect, they ask, don’t you know you’ll get a tax cut, too?! Here is an alternative … […]