Conservative group claims university banned them for fliers allegedly exposing anti-Semitism on …

UTSA spokesman Joe Izbrand told Fox News the university’s actions were strictly in response to a posting policy violation. “University policy prohibits groups and individuals unaffiliated with the university from engaging in expressive activities at UTSA, including the placement of flyers on campus, … Source: Conservative group claims university banned them for fliers […]


Furious Republican Congressman Calls Trump a 'Motherf****r' in Conversation with Conservative

Erickson describes the Congressman as someone who defends Trump on Fox News and in public but obviously has a different personal opinion. The media and Democrats on Capitol Hill often say many Republican lawmakers oppose Trump in private, but won’t in public. (There are several words for … Source: Furious Republican Congressman Calls […]


BREAKING: House Republicans grill Facebook's Zuckerberg on 'bias against conservative news'

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 11, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Several members of Congress questioned Mark Zuckerberg on whether Facebook manipulates algorithms to suppress conservative content, during the social media pioneer’s second day of Capitol Hill testimony. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, asked … Source: BREAKING: House Republicans grill Facebook’s Zuckerberg on ‘bias against conservative news‘


Zuckerberg pressed to explain why Facebook appears to censor conservative content

When Mr. Scalise questioned whether Facebook’s newsfeed algorithms suppress conservative news in favor of liberal content, Mr. Zuckerberg replied that “there is absolutely no directive” to have “any kind of bias in anything we do.” “Facebook’s goal is to be a platform for all ideas,” he added. Mr. Barton … Source: Zuckerberg pressed […]