Exclusive: Conservative Lawmakers' Blueprint Would Trim Nondefense Spending, Balance Budget …

House conservatives propose to cut nondefense spending and balance the federal budget within eight years in a blueprint released Wednesday. The document produced by the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of GOP lawmakers in the House, includes a long list of policy goals such as … Source: Exclusive: Conservative Lawmakers’ Blueprint Would […]


Ainsley Earhardt: Appointing Conservative Judges Is Important To The Christian Community

Earhardt explained to Starnes why she thinks President Trump was such an appealing candidate for Christians. Earhardt said, “I do think that conservatives went to the polls to vote for him because of what he’s doing with the judicial system. He’s appointing conservative judges, and that’s very important … Source: Ainsley Earhardt: Appointing […]


Conservatives object to toughening Louisiana anti-bestiality law

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — In Louisiana, a proposal to strengthen the law against bestiality is facing unexpected opposition from conservative lawmakers who see it as an underhanded move to strike the state’s unconstitutional ban on sodomy. Creating a new, wide-ranging anti-bestiality law would … Source: Conservatives object to toughening Louisiana anti-bestiality law