The Anthony Kennedy watch returns: Will he stay or will he go?

Kennedy’s role that day was to deliver the oath to his former clerk, but some of the judicial conservatives assembled in the Rose Garden were wondering if Kennedy might soon provide them with the opportunity to return to their vetting binders. Would he retire and give President Donald Trump a second … Source: […]


Conservative Column: The pro-life cause transcends party lines

Shocker, I know. Oftentimes, it seems that only Republicans attend the March for Life or are openly advocating for an abortion-free world. Democrats are the people with “I’m with Her” stickers still on their bumpers who say that abortion should be “safe, legal and on demand” on repeat. Rarely do you find … […]


Conservative Christian colleges in America grapple with LGBTI issues

Conservative Christian colleges in America are becoming increasingly entangled with the issue of LGBTI rights, according to NPR. Though students and faculty at many of these institutions are required to accept a ‘faith statement,’ often which condemns homosexuality, social and cultural shifts are … Source: Conservative Christian colleges in America grapple with LGBTI […]


Ousted VA secretary says he had no reason to quit

WASHINGTON –– David Shulkin, removed days ago as secretary of Veterans Affairs, said political appointees had engineered his ouster as they push for “more aggressive” changes to how the sprawling department is run. “I did not resign,” Shulkin said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union. Source: Ousted VA secretary says he […]


Santorum to speak at Concordia after funding for conservative speaker Shapiro is rescinded

The April 10 event comes after funding was rescinded to bring prominent conservative speaker and former Breitbart News Editor Ben Shapiro to campus. Known for his V-neck sweater vests as much as his staunch opposition to gay marriage, Santorum is a devout Catholic who served as U.S. senator … Source: Santorum to speak […]


2018 Campaign: Republicans are running against Hillary Clinton — again

“If I were advising Hillary Clinton,” he added, “I would raise a gigantic s— ton of money for people and stay out of the news.” Whatever Clinton does, that’s unlikely to happen in at least one corner of the media: Conservative news outlets have never stopped covering her with election-year intensity. Source: […]