Counting 'Lies': The New York Times' comparison of Obama and Trump shows glaring media blind …

Buzzfeed published a dreadful line graph claiming Fake News “beat” real news at the end of Election 2016. Politifact’s rootless, standardless scoreboards get thumbs up from real journalists and journalism experts. The Washington Post tries similar counting of things not made to be counted. A final point: … Source: Counting ‘Lies’: The New […]


Conservative Wartburg students claim they are target of discrimination

Turning Point USA is a nonprofit that organizes students to promote conservative principles, according to its website. The organization claims … Founder Charlie Kirk assisted with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, according to a post on the organization’s news site. Nationally, tactics of the … Source: Conservative Wartburg students claim they are […]


Tommy Thompson, conservative group launch effort to promote renewable energy

MADISON – With former Gov. Tommy Thompson at its head, a group of conservatives is launching an organization in Wisconsin to promote new sources of electricity and new technologies. The Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum is tied in with a national network and an influential Madison lobbying … Source: Tommy Thompson, conservative group launch […]