City Leaders Remove Police Monument Over Christian Inscriptions

A few weeks ago a monument was donated by a Women’s Club to a police station in South Carolina to honor fallen police officers. The monument was placed in front of the building for everyone to see and admire, but not everyone admired it. Several complaints from some of the residences forced Tega Cay City Council leaders to remove the monument due to the content “offended” a few of the residents.

The city leaders tried to remove the references to the word “Lord,” which was used three times in the inscriptions. It then stirred up more controversy when the majority stood up and legitimately complained about taking the word “Lord” taken out of the monument. The city leaders gave up and removed the monument altogether.

Our forefathers founded this country with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, The Right to Bear Arms, etc… Liberals tend to always have their way in these situations, and it leaves the majority losing their rights over cry babies who easily get “offended.” When will officials stand up for the majority and gain the attitude needed to say, “If you don’t love it, leave it!” They rather put everything on the back burner and cause everyone to lose their “God-given rights,” which was founded on the freedoms we hold so dear. Soon we will not have any freedom left if our leaders do not stand up for what is right, moral, and just.

The report read as follows according to Fox News, “The Tega Cay City Council announced the decision to take down the memorial Tuesday in a Facebook post. Three references of “Lord” had been washed off the monument, which is a police officer’s prayer and was in front of the police department, after some residents complained. But the decision to remove the three references to “Lord” also drew outrage.”

City officials were interviewed, and they said they worked toward a solution that “expresses our unwavering support and gratitude to those who risk their lives every day for ours.”

The city officials continued, “We attempted to find a compromise but failed as our community has further divided. In an attempt to find a resolution, we have upset parties on both sides of this issue, and for that, we are truly sorry.”

The decision rightfully angered the residences enough to take to social media, posting online, pointing out “the secularization of public life.”

The front of the monument had a Bible verse which read, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” On the backside was a prayer which read, “Lord, I ask for courage. Courage to face and conquer my own fears, courage to take me where others will not go…Give me Lord, concern for others who trust me and compassion for those who need me. And please Lord, through it all, be at my side.”

The giving into idiots like these Liberals shows how far our rights can be taken away. The old saying, “The good have to suffer for the guilty,” should never apply in these situations. There is another saying which applies better in this situation, “Evil thrives when good people say nothing.” Stand up for your rights because if we do not, we will lose all of it piece by piece.

This is how far God has been removed, that a monument to honor those who sacrifice it all for the public’s safety, cannot even be shown because cry babies cannot help but get their way. It is disgusting to know the city officials even thought about erasing the word “Lord” off of the stone monument. You can bet these women who donated this monument spent quite a bit of money to heartfully donate it to the Police Department and to the city. All that money has gone to waste, and it is sickening.

Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe. That is the benefit of living in America. No one is being physically hurt by the monument or the Name of God. If the people who do not believe in God do not like it or do not want to see His name on public displays, then they should turn their heads and not look at it. We have to put up with their lifestyle and beliefs, and we look the other way, why can’t they do the same? This would be a quick and easy solution in which the city council should have put their foot down.