Teen Gets Unfair Ban from Liberal School After Shooting Guns with Mom

In Colorado, a teenage boy was recently banned from school after a video was posted online of him target shooting with his mother.

The two had gone out to shoot some guns for sport. Completely legal and completely safe. However, after the video was posted, someone contacted his school district through an anonymous tip line, “Safe 2 Tell.” The program is designed so that students, parents, and anyone in the community can report potential threats in a safe environment and without repercussion.

However, this “threat” was that 16-year-old, clean-cut Nathan Myers was a danger to others because he shotguns with his mom. And apparently, someone there thought it to be a rather serious offense.

Immediately, Nathan was banned from school, including all school-based events until the threat could be properly investigated. And investigated it was. The police came out to the Myer family home to talk to both Nathen and his mother, as well as scope out the situation at home.

It was quickly determined that neither Nathan, his mother, or their home life was a threat to anyone. You would think that would allow him to go back to school, right? Nope.

Apparently, law enforcement has no idea what they are talking about when assessing threats. But you know who does know how to correctly determine gun threats? Government employees with education degrees, that’s who. Hmmm, who would have thought?

Therefore, according to the school’s new experimental learning program, Nathan now had to undergo a “threat assessment hearing.” Because that sounds fun. Basically, this means that for him to be allowed to return to school and school functions, a few educators and bureaucrats needed to sit down with Nathan and his mother, going into extreme detail about the situation at hand. The Myers were also informed that they would need to “make their case.”

Nathan and his mother received word that the “threat assessment hearing” was to take place and that no less than seven government employees would be there to speak with them. Seven, really? That is how many people it takes to assess a boy who has 1.) no criminal record, 2.) excellent school behavior, attendance, and performance, and 3.) an outstanding relationship with his mother?

What a bunch of quacks…

I mean seriously. First of all, it was a harmless act. Target shooting is sport participated in by thousands of patriotic Americans on a daily basis. Some of the most noted and well-respected people in America’s history have taken up target shooting in their spare time. There are events such as tournaments devoted to the sport in which the act of shooting at a target of some kind is the whole purpose. And all of these are well attended, approved of, and safe events.

Secondly, anyone with a half a brain could determine in a mere second that this boy and his mother didn’t have evil intentions or motives behind their actions. And the police who investigated can confirm that. I bet they weren’t in the Myers’ home more than just a few minutes before they felt embarrassed for even having to be there if it even took that long.

And lastly, what case needed to be made by the Myers? That Nathan wasn’t a threat to fellow students? That he was stable in mind and thought? That Nathan didn’t hate anyone? Or would he need to prove that he wasn’t a Trump supporter and a Republican?

And yet, no one seems to have the answer.

Thankfully, the situation wasn’t taken any farther. As news spread about Nathan’s alleged threat, patriotic Americans and community members started to rise up, causing all sorts of potential trouble for the school board.

And so two days after the Thompson School District banned Nathan Myers, officials reversed their decision. Justine Myers, Nathan’s mother, said that school officials met with Nathan and his parents in a meeting that lasted all of maybe five minutes.

She said, “We walked in, they gave him a big envelope with his homework in it and immediately apologized. They told him he was a good kid, they liked him, and they never believed he was making a threat against the school, but that ‘you know we have to do this.’”

The school apparently realized they were getting into deep waters here and backed out as soon as possible with their tails between their legs. Just another example of socialism at work.